How to stay warm and save energy


The cold weather is here and it can take a toll on your hair, skin and especially your energy bills, many people get into a huge amount of debt due to not paying the energy bills, turning the heaters on to full can leave your skin completely dehydrated and your pockets empty, let’s talk about ways to keep warm without having an impact on your hair, skin and pockets.

1) Take a shower


It may sound very silly, but taking a shower warms up your body, it only takes 5-10 minutes, many people dread taking a shower during the winter, believe me there are people who do not shower for 2-3 days due to it being cold, but I think that is completely unhygienic, if you have access to a eucalyptus tree while taking a shower bring a few eucalyptus leaves into the bathroom, the steam from the hot water will create a warm atmosphere, if you don’t have access to the tree then buy some eucalyptus oil and pour a few drops around the shower it will create warmth and leave a lovely aroma, it is also known to fight congestion, make sure all your windows are closed as you don’t want to catch a nasty cold, after you shower open the bathroom door to let the humidity spread to your other rooms which will warm the air.

2) Wear warm clothing


Time to take out your sweaters, socks and warm clothing, as it is cold you want to be wrapped up warm, so one thing recommended during the winter is thermal wear, the thermal clothing keeps you warm while being hidden under your  clothes,  thermal leggings can be worn alone or you can wear jeans or trousers on top of them, wear a T-shirt under your sweater, wear socks and if needed wear 2 pairs of socks, wear slippers, scarves hats and gloves are essential during the winter when you leave the house or you can freeze.

3) Eat and drink


What you eat and drink definitely has an impact on your body, hot drinks such as hot chocolate, and certain herbal teas that have a warming effect are the best things to drink, incorporating nuts and dry fruits into your diet will be very beneficial during the winter, soup is light on the digestion it can warm your body up, soup is definitely a staple food in the winter, if you bake your food the oven creates a warm air which travels into the air making it nice and warm so that’s a bonus, your body will be warm and also your home will be warm.

4) Exercise


when you feel the chill don’t sit in one place, start jogging on the spot it will make you feel warm, take 20 minutes of indoor exercise, warm up your body and get fit at the same time, vacuuming is great and makes you feel warm it can count as indoor exercise and your house will be clean.

5) Move furniture 


if your radiators are on and furniture is sitting in front of them you are completely wasting your money, so move the sofa or any other furniture away from the radiator also your room will get a mini makeover

6) Leave the house


If you want to save energy then visit a home of a friend or a family, while you are out you don’t need the heaters on so visit someone close to you it will give you time to socialize while saving money, or you can most likely spend the money you save on  eating out at your favourite restaurant, restaurants are always warm and have a nice atmosphere.

7) Snuggle up


If nothing else works snuggle up in your blanket, warm up a hot water bottle and keep it with you it will create heat and it will warm you up, drink some hot chocolate and watch your favourite movie, you can also buy blankets which warm up to the right temperature and also cool down they will save you money.

we are trying to save money by using less energy but we have to at least turn the radiators on for 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, after an hour of the radiators on you can turn the temperature down on the thermostat that will save you money on your bill, I learnt that little tip from a professional. I hope these few tips can help you save your energy bills and if you have any tips then you can share them with me. Just take care of yourselves, make sure to do everything that keeps you warm, winter may be cold but it is a very fun season.






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