kitchen sink cleaning using natural product



Recently I moved home and where I moved to the kitchen sink was very dirty, no way was I going to wash my fruits and vegetables in that sink, i tried cleaning it with dishwashing liquid but the stains wouldn’t go, so I went to b&m and looked for products which will clean my sink without using too much harmful ingredients as they can be quite hazardous and bad for the environment, I couldn’t find anything, I then remembered I saw a post on Facebook a little while back but I can not remember who it was by, using only lemon and baking soda so I thought I’d try that, but no it didn’t work, it was very hard to clean the sink, so I mixed up some ingredients, I also purchased some good old Brillo And my kitchen sink was sparkling.


I used 2tbls liquid Castile soap, half a lemon, 2 tsp vinegar, 3tbls of  baking soda, so first I mixed the ingredients in a bowl, then I took the other half of the lemon, I cut it into a small slice, I sprinkled on some baking soda and started to scrub the sink, I left it on the sink for 1-2 minutes then I took my Brillo dipped it into the mixture and scrubbed the sink with the Brillo, now here you will need a good amount of elbow grease, I kept scrubbing until I could no longer see any grime or limescale, well I tried my best, I then rinsed it off and wiped the sink and tap using a micro fibre cloth, my sink was shining as you can see in the picture, I then had to get rid off the smell in the drain so I poured 1/4 cup of baking soda and some lemon down the drain, i left it completely for 5 minutes I boiled a kettle of water and poured it down the drain after 5 minutes, it got rid off the bad smell, you have to do this everyday but if your lazy then there is always zoflora for the bad smells coming from the drain, and  now I have to tackle the mould around the tiles, any suggestions would be appreciated.


cleaning your kitchen sink is very important as you are using it many times during the day, we wash dishes, wash food, food particles can go down the drain if you are not careful and become a cause of the bad smell that comes from your drain, it only takes 2 minutes to wash your sink, make it a habit to disinfect your sink before you go to bed, disinfect your sink by using the procedure I have shared, you can alternate using zoflora as it gives a good smell, or use this green disinfectant which is better for the environment and for you.



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