Mahira Khans beauty secret


Looking at mahira khans flawless skin, we all would love to have that, I would always look at her and think wow what a stunner she is!! from the time she entered the glamour world up until now, as I’m all about natural remedies I would think she definitely uses nature’s secret ingredients but what could that be? Recently while I was browsing through YouTube I came across mahira khans secret to her beauty, I was amazed, only 2 ingredients and widely available in everyone’s kitchen.

Mahira Khan explained that her mum never allowed her to go to a salon when she was younger, her mum would whip up a natural remedy which would brighten her skin naturally, left with a glowing complexion, in the video she shows how to make it and she also applied it on her face, then she asked for her phone which I’m sure we can all relate to, she then washed it off and her skin was glowing.

Loving my natural remedies I knew I had to give it a go, I wanted to see how it would react on different types of skin, so i had to find 2 girls from my circle who had dry skin and combination skin, who would help me test the mask and didn’t mind if there skin did react, I wanted to test the remedy and see how it goes, so that’s exactly what we done, I mixed the 2 ingredients and we all applied it just like mahira khan suggested. 

2 ingredient face mask



1 lemon, (although she suggests 2 but I would use one to be on the safer side)

1 tsp of honey

Squeeze the lemon to get the lemon juice and mix in the honey, mahira Khan used the peel to apply the mask on her face but we can also use our hands, leave on for 20 mins and wash your face.

results of the face mask

I have sensitive oily acne prone skin, so I applied the mask with my fingers, left it on for 20 mins and then washed it off, my face felt so soft and it was glowing but I had a lot of redness so maybe the sensitivity to the lemon, but I will definitely do it 2 times a week.

Dry skin the mask was applied and left on just as suggested by mahira Khan using the peel of the lemon but when the mask was washed off, the skin was flawless and glowing like she had drunk 3 litres of water, no dry skin, no patches, just beautiful skin.

Combination skin (which is prone to acne) the mask was applied as suggested using the lemon peel, left on for 20 mins and washed off, Her skin was not glowing but it did look a lot brighter it seemed as if her tan was gone, she will be using the mask a few times a week as she was happy with the results.

I have to say the best results were for the dry skin, the rest were good too but I would definitely recommend you to try it out for yourself who knows you might get better results than we got, I want to explain the benefits of what these ingredients can do for your skin.

Lemon is a excellent ingredients for your skin as it is a rich source of vitamin C which helps keep your skin even toned, free from wrinkles, age spots and all other signs of aging, it brightens the skin, it tightens the skin, fades away dark spots and dullness, one thing you need to make sure when you apply lemon to the skin you need to stay away from direct sunlight.

Honey is a very beneficial ingredient to your skin, it is a natural humectant thus the moisturising properties, it is anti microbial, anti bacterial which is why it helps fight bacteria to prevent acne, honey can lighten any dark spots and marks when used religiously, honey can help heal inflammation, it can exfoliate the skin making the skin appear younger and brighter.

i hope you do try this mask, I would love it if you would share your results, I would recommend doing this mask in the evening to prevent sun exposure and make sure to stay hydrated, remember you are amazing just the way you are!!


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