DIY chocolate face mask


Now tell me, is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? chocolate just gives you that dreamy feeling, instantly has an impact on your mood, now think about applying it on to your skin instead of devouring it, it saves you calories! 🙂 yes I am talking about slathering your face with chocolate, but not that delicious bar of chocolate you are thinking about right now. This is pure cocoa powder that you use for baking those delicious desserts.

Benefits of cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is extracted from cocoa beans, cocoa powder consists of a high level of antioxidants known as flavanols, these flavanols present in the cocoa powder are known to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, cocoa powder is rich in vitamin e, vitamin e is known to boost collagen production thus known to be a great anti-aging ingredient in many beauty treatments available, cocoa powder contains magnesium (which is why our mood changes when taken orally) cocoa powder contains zinc, zinc is highly known to repair and heal skin and is essential to be taken orally for people suffering from skin ailments, cocoa powder is a rich source of sulfur, sulfur is one of the key ingredients added in many high end skincare product. Having that many benefits, why avoid let’s get into it.

Chocolate face mask ingredients


1tbls pure cocoa powder

1tbls of goats milk powder

1/2 tbls of oat powder (oats grinded in a food processor)

Benefits of the ingredients

1) pure cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants, which protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, preventing wrinkles which in return gives you youthful skin and it has anti aging benefits, it rejuvenates any dullness of the skin making your skin appear more soft smooth and glowing. 2) goats milk powder contains lactic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid, it gently sloughs off the dead skin cells making your skin look more hydrated and giving your skin a brighter appearance, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, goats milk powder also contains antioxidants which help to prevent free radical damage, goats milk powder contains minerals such as selenium and is loaded with vitamins. 3) oat powder is a natural anti-irritant which will help soothe irritated skin, oat powder contains saponins, saponins are a natural cleanser which remove dirt and sebum present in the pores without any irritation to the skin, oat powder is anti inflammatory which is why it is used in cosmetics aimed towards people with eczema, rosacea, and sensitivity to the skin, oat powder can help prevent symptoms of aging.

How to use

OK so take 1 tbls of pure cocoa powder, add in 1 tbls of goats milk powder ( if your not comfortable using animal products then please feel free to use coconut milk powder as an alternative, it does wonders for the skin) add in 1 tbls of oat powder, mix it, to make it appliable add in a liquid of your choice, so it could be rose water or any floral water or normal water for oily skin, and for dry skin you could use milk or yoghurt and for other skin types you could experiment by adding in maybe some green tea or any liquid you prefer, the paste should be able to stick to the back of the spoon, please do not make it a runny consistency, slowly add the liquid, then apply to a cleansed face and leave on for at least 20 mins, which gives you 20 mins to relax, so you can chill on the sofa watching catch up TV, 🙂 then go ahead wash it off, you will see your skin will be hydrated, it will give a glow as if you have drunk 4 liters of water, or maybe not 4, hahaha! but seriously you will have radiant skin and the next day it will glow even more as natural remedies slowly take an effect.


A few things to add:

This mask can be used weekly

It is suitable for all skin types

You can go ahead and make a big batch in a jar by adding the three ingredients and it will last for at least six months

Make sure you do not use sweetened cocoa powder, always aim for unsweetened, if you are able to buy organic cocoa powder that will be a bonus

This mask is known for tightening the skin so if you feel tightness the mask has worked, also remember to apply a moisturiser, I hope this works very well for you and plzzz share your results in the comments section, and remember you are amazing just the way you are!!


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