All natural lifestyle


Living an all natural lifestyle is a very difficult step to take, especially as humans we are so used to all the commercial products, unhealthy foods and drinks we intake on a daily basis, now turning to an all natural lifestyle will take a lot of time and effort, it’s not something we can change overnight or in a week or even within a month, it will take a lot of time, by no means will I say to you that you should start today, I will say start incorporating small things in your lives which will slowly lead to an all natural lifestyle.

Why start with a natural lifestyle

There are many reasons why a person should start an all natural lifestyle, it will lead you to becoming a better person, you must have heard of the saying you should look good, if you can’t look good smell good, if you can’t smell good then at least feel good, a natural lifestyle can change a person positively, you have less concentration towards materialistic things, you concentrate more on nature and what is good for you.


First few steps to take


Reduce toxic waste



Yes they are toxic and you are using them every day, it’s your skincare, perfumes that eyeliner you used to enhance your already beautiful eyes, go ahead pick up your moisturizer, do you understand what the ingredients are? Oh no let me rephrase that can you even read all the ingredients? I thought so, it’s important to know what we are putting on our skin and our bodies so next time you buy anything for your skincare, body care or cosmetics please do try to understand what is going on to your skin. Incorporating essential oils into your skincare and household products will help you a great deal with reducing a lot of toxicity.


Eating foods prepared at home


I know it’s so easy and time saving to buy a jar of pasta sauce or canned food you just empty the contents into the saucepan and your good to go, but wait! can I stop you, is it necessary for you to consume the preservatives in the canned food which could lead to cancer, instead buy whole foods buy ingredients and cook your meal from scratch your body will thank you, if will save you from the acidity and heartburn that occurs after your delicious unhealthy takeaway or restaurant meals that you consume, I’m not saying YOU CANT EAT NO JUNK FOOD, what I am saying is prepare your food at home whenever you can do so, eat in moderation Try to add 3 fruits and 2 vegetables in your daily intake that way you are getting your 5 a day, I’m sure you have heard it more than enough drink A lot of water it’s so important For your skin, hair and overall health, it’s like if you don’t water your plants they would die just think of it like that I’m sure it’s not that difficult to understand.


Exercise and meditation


Yes we all know how important it is to exercise, I’m not going to say get a membership at the gym but if you can that is amazing, small things like in the morning going for a brisk walk in the nature will help improve you physically and mentally, meditation is an amazing way to clear your mind, you will feel less stressed, meditation helps to strengthen the mind and help keep it younger for longer.


Self care


Taking care of yourself is very important if you are healthy you will be able to help those around you and the environment, starting with taking care of your skin, cleansing toning moisturizing it’s something that should be done everyday, eating good food for a healthy body and most of all ME TIME, it is so important that people completely forget in their busy day to day lives, don’t let anyone put you down learn to love yourself before loving others.

Benefits of living natural

I’m sure I have covered a lot but still yet there are many benefits,

  • the best one being saving money, I’m sure everyone would love that, we are saving money by using products that are not overly priced in our skincare, hair care, body care, household products, saving us tons of $$.
  • A healthier body by eating in moderation and consuming the rights foods, increased energy by the small amount of exercise, peaceful mind which leads to less stress and more positivity in our lives.
  • Finding happiness in small things rather than concentrating on what’s trending.
  • Last of all the love for nature will increase you will want to learn more about trees plants herbs and what has been created for us. It can also lead to a more spiritual life and no one will feel negativity coming from you unless of course they are your haters. And remember you are amazing just the way you are, but let’s try to change ourselves for the better.

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