DIY face cleansers


I used so many commercial face cleansers since I was young without paying attention to the ingredients, anything that would help me get rid of that tedious breakout, and friends bullying me for having acne wasn’t helpful, so for at least 12 years I struggled, running to the doctors buying every prescription medicine or lotion, every TV advert I saw I would say this is it my savior, oh boy was I wrong.

Why cleansing is important?

Now I could say just wash your face with water and that’s it, I won’t say that, cleansing your facial skin is very important it is critical to maintain healthy looking skin, throughout the day your skin comes in contact with bacteria, viruses and we shed skin so dead skin cells block the pores becoming a cause of blackheads and whiteheads, the dead skin cells laying on your skin make it difficult for other products to penetrate deep into your skin.

DIY cleansers for different types of skin

I will share with you some cleansers that work superb, they are all natural so you don’t need to worry about what is going onto your skin, I am talking with experience none of these cleansers have caused me a breakout in fact I have seen a great impact on my skin. I am sure you will give them a try, also I am sure you already have the ingredients on hand.

Soothing moisturizing face cleanser

You will need two ingredients for this, oat flour and goats milk powder, (alternatively you can use coconut milk powder) oats act as a mild cleanser as they contain a Saponin content, oats act like a natural moisturizer with skin healing, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing skin benefits, due to the antioxidant properties in the oats it can help reverse damage caused by UV rays, pollution and harsh chemicals. The second ingredient will be goats milk powder, goats milk contains skin minerals like selenium, it is loaded with vitamins, just like other milks, goats milk contains lactic acid, lactic acid helps to gently remove dead skin cells and helps to brighten and hydrate the skin.


1 cup of oat flour (oats blended up in a food processor or blender)

3/4 cup of goats milk powder

That’s it, all you do is mix it up together very well store it in a jar every time you need to use it, all you do is take a spoon full in your hand and mix it with your desired liquid I use water, but you can use milk, rose water, what ever your preference and make a paste and massage your skin for at least 30 seconds lightly and then wash it off, it’s simple. I use this face cleanser daily, followed by toner and moisturizer. This is suitable for all types of skin.

Skin brightening face cleanser

This requires 3 ingredients rice flour, Liquorice powder (Mulethi powder) and barley flour, rice flour is loaded with skin friendly properties, it helps get rid of tanning, removes impurities and dirt from the pores, evens out your skin tone, treats pigmentation it is the rich source of vitamin B which is essential for the skin as it grows new cells and slows down the aging process, Liquorice powder can help lighten the skin tone, it can help heal acne scars and pigmentation (a slow process) but with regular use you will see a big difference, last but not the least barley flour is rich in vitamin b complex, (which is an essential vitamin for skin), and also zinc, it contains selenium which helps in improving the elasticity of the skin keeping it toned, there are many benefits of barley which I will do a whole new post on so let’s get on to how to make it.


1/2 cup of barley flour
1/4 cup of rice flour (rice grinded in a food processor or a blender)

1/4 cup of Liquorice powder ( Mulethi powder)

OK so mix all these ingredients I would recommend running it in a food processor or a blender to get it all blended together and store it in a jar, when you are ready to use take a spoon full and mix it with a liquid of your choice, rosewater, milk, floral water or normal water, make it into paste, massage it on your face gently for about 15 seconds as it acts as a light Exfoliant and then wash it off. I do this twice a week and it really helps reduce my acne scars but you can use it as a daily cleanser, followed by toner and moisturizer. Please do a test patch to see that you are not allergic to these ingredients.

Ocm cleansing (oil cleansing method)


Oil cleansing method (shrieks) yes I’m sure many people are aware of it, you cleanse your skin using oil, Whaaat? How can you clean your skin with oil, yes you can, the basic idea is the oil used to massage your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened with the impurities, stuck in the pores, the steam will open the pores, allowing the sebum to be easily removed, you may have heard oil dissolves oil, so basically it is detox reaction as impurities are pulled from the skin, a lot of people have talked about castor oil and olive oil mixed together but it somehow didn’t work for me, what did work for me is 100% pure coconut oil (unrefined)

You can use this blend if it suits your skin

1/2 tsp castor oil

1 tsp olive oil

Or 1 tsp of coconut oil (which is what I use)


You take your choice of oil make sure your skin is not wet, start massaging it onto your skin massage for at least 2 minutes, bonus it will melt away all your makeup place a clean washcloth under very hot tap water until it is completely soaked and quickly wring it out, open it and place it on your face, it will create steam against the skin to remove sebum and impurities in the skin, leave it on till it cools, then wipe it away, your face will feel squeaky clean, I do recommend using a moisturizer after the method but it depends on your skin.

After all which ever Diy face cleanser you use I am sure they will help you an efficient amount in keeping your skin clear and healthy, and the biggest benefit is that you are using ingredients which you are aware of reducing toxicity. Yaaayy! And remember you are amazing just the way you are!


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